Social distancing minimises exposure

To help us keep your child safe only staff and essential visitors enter the Nursery, we ask that only one parent drops off and collects and we ask that parents/carers wear face coverings when on site. Additional measures include:

  • Your child is part of a small class bubble
  • Members of staff or children from Bubbles do not cross at all, not even in our outdoor spaces where we have 3 x separate outdoor areas which are rotated weekly
  • Each bubble classroom has its own dedicated entrance
  • No large group activities

Keeping your child's spaces risk free

To decrease the risk of cross contamination and help keep our Nursery safe we have asked that no items are brought in from home.

  • No resources are shared between bubbles
  • All snack preparation takes place in each bubble separately
  • Lunches are eaten in bubble classrooms
  • children who attend Breakfast and afterschool sessions do so within their own bubble

Frequent handwashing stops the spread

Your child and staff wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day and we have signs in all classrooms as reminders. Hands are dried with disposable paper towels. Hand washing happens:

  • First thing upon entering Nursery for both children and staff
  • Before and after snack and lunchtimes
  • We have installed a new outdoor sink for handwashing after outdoor play
  • After bathroom use
  • We also have many hand sanitising stations throughout the Nursery and outside area for adult use

Cleaning and Sanitising to safeguard your heath

We have in place a robust and strict cleaning procedures throughout the Nursery. Regularly sanitising high traffic areas, toys, counter tops and equipment keep your child's space germ free. We have also invested in an Ozone fogging machine which is used in addition to complement our cleaning regime .Ozone has been extensively proven to combat Coronavirus, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and biofilms, making it an extremely effective disinfectant and it is completely natural, environmentally friendly and leaves no chemical residue.