A really warm welcome back to all our families, it’s so lovely to see so many more children and families.  Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you need any support with the transition.  We will be having a strong focus on children’s wellbeing for the rest of this term – this is so... Read more »

Dear all parents and carers existing and new.   Welcome to the new school year!   We are delighted to be able to welcome all our families back this term and are excited about the term ahead.  We are to welcome all our families over the next few days, I know we are only a... Read more »

Dear Parents and Carers, We are coming to the end of the strangest term of my career.  We have been working in ways we never would have chosen to.  However, it is worth noting that despite all the demands on everybody we have found some real positives and better practices as a result.  We now... Read more »

Making Christmas meaningful for children. Many families have their own traditions around Christmas time and for many it is a time for reflection and celebration however, it can also be a very busy, tiring and fraught time with ‘getting new toys’ being at the forefront of what Christmas is all about so here are a... Read more »

Speech and Language Development If there is one thing that is vital to a child’s development and future life, it is speech and language (S&L). It is quite common for some children to struggle with speech sounds but that does not mean that they are not developing language and understanding so even if your child... Read more »

Welcome all Parents and Carers both existing and new; I hope you all had a good summer and were able to make the most of the good weather. Term has started well with the existing children settling back quickly – many were really eager to come back in! Taster sessions have gone well and we... Read more »

If there is one thing you can do to help your child at Nursery, what is it? We are often asked how parents and carers can support their child at home. Routinely Primary Schools offer parent workshops so that they can see the methods being used to teach children. At Nursery school, children are learning... Read more »

Dear Parents and Carers The sun has finally arrived and the children have been choosing to spend most of their time in the garden recently. I’ve seen lots of lovely learning with many of the older children now working together to achieve their outcomes. Their physical development often takes a leap once they start spending... Read more »