Early Years Pupil Premium is an additional sum of money provided by the Government to help schools close the achievement gap which affects some of the most disadvantaged children.  It is for schools to decide how the premium is spent as they are best placed to access what additional provision should be provided.

The Government has  extended the Pupil Premium scheme to include 3 and 4 year olds which is called the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP).  For each child that qualifies, the nursery is able to claim extra monies, £0.60 per hour to be used for the children’s education and learning.  This additional money is paid to our nursery termly through the 3/4 year old funding entitlement.

For academic year 2015/2016, pupils eligible for the Early Years pupil Premium generated an additional income of £684.00.  Those in receipt of EYPP for 3 terms across the academic year accounted for 3% of children on roll.  Those receiving it for 1 term only accounted for 5% of children on roll.

Our Pupil Premium Strategy can be found at:

EYPP Strategy 2021-22

eypp report 20-21

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