A really warm welcome back to all our families, it’s so lovely to see so many more children and families.  Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you need any support with the transition.  We will be having a strong focus on children’s wellbeing for the rest of this term – this is so important as happy and robust children are able to cope with learning and transitions much more effectively. 

I’m sure you will have seen the various changes we have made over the past few months and its really exciting for the children to come back just as huddle wood has been developed. The new equipment has been really popular so far.  

Seesaw – if you haven’t managed to sign up for this yet please do let us know so that we can help you.  It will be an opportunity going forwards for you to see the things we are doing in the Nursery.  Please be aware that we are continuing with our lovely paper learning journeys which the children love so much and we are not using Seesaw as an online journal for each child.  We aim to put a few posts up each week to give you a flavour of nursery life! It’s been really great seeing your photos too – we can’t always respond but we do see it all!  Remember too, if you have a question or query of something we need to know please ring the office or email secretary@truronurseryschool.org.uk or Teachers@truronurseryschool.org.uk

Let’s get growing – I’m sure you will have all seen our new raised beds near the entrance.  As part of our food awareness and learning with the children we are going to be growing some of our own foods including edible flowers/herbs etc.  

We will be arranging Parent teacher meetings for just after the Easter break.  This will be a chance to discuss progress for children who have been with us a while and a chance to discuss how your child has settled in for those children who are new to us. . 

Mrs Helen Adams – Headteacher