In the early years foundation stage curriculum children progress through phases of development.

Most of our children are working within the following phases:

22-36 months, 30-50 months and 40-60 months.

Ofsted guidelines suggest that most children leaving nursery school should be achieving most of the 30-50 phase and beginning the 40-60 phase.  This is just a guideline and will depend on the child’s age and maturity.

The Early Years Foundation Stage describes the progress children are likely to make from birth to the end of Reception year at school. It is a journey through the stages and children are formally assessed against each strand at the end of Reception year. We are able to track the children who come to Truro Nursery School to see how well they do at the end of this journey (one year from us). We have done this since 2010 and the data shows that our children consistently do better than the Cornwall (yellow) and National (red) averages. The following 4 charts show this and demonstrate that on average the children who have benefitted from the positive start we can give them at Truro Nursery School, do better than their peers (who have not attended the Nursery School) at the end of Foundation stage.

Data 2020

Data 2019

Data 2018

Data 2017

Data 2016


Our own internal data (2019) reflects this similar achievement showing that children make good progress sometimes from low starting points.


This is what Ofsted said about our standards:

“Most children exceed the attainment expected for their age in all the areas of learning, and considerably so in communication, language and literacy, and problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. “


The early years foundation stage curriculum (development matters document) can be found here:


What to Expect, When









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