We recognise that children learn in different ways.

Some children love quiet and secure corners, others love the freedom of the outdoors and so on.

Our learning spaces are set up so that children can follow their own interests and lines of enquiry.  We use the outdoor learning environment everyday and in all weathers.

Movement area

Children are encouraged to move freely and explore the space around.  We use stretchy and floaty fabrics, feathers, balls and hoops to encourage moving in different ways.  The adults follow the children’s interests which encourages the development of self esteem, understanding of safety and confidence.  More information about developmental movement play can be found here

Speech and language development

We have been trained and accredited by ICAN as a language supportive school.  This involves using a range of strategies and approaches to support all children’s language.  For example we recognise the importance of allowing children to talk without interruption or constant questioning and we extend children’s language by repeating what they have said with an extension e.g “I’ve got a bus”, “you’ve got a blue bus.”

Snack time and lunchtime

We have snack time in the middle of both the morning and afternoon session.  The children are encouraged to help in the preparation of healthy snacks by cutting fruit and vegetables, preparing rice pudding, buttering their toast, pouring their own drinks and setting out their cups and plates. We support the children to become as independent as possible.

Role play

We consider the children’s interests when setting up our role play area.  We have a whole range of themes including hairdressing, where the children found fun in putting curlers in their hair, and a wonderful hospital where the children delight in bandaging up the adults!

Sensory room

Children love the quiet, peaceful feeling in the sensory room.  They get to explore light, sounds, textures and all their senses. All the children spend time in the sensory room, playing with instruments, watching patterns move across the ceiling and enjoying the wonderful experience.  We also use the sensory room for small groups to help the children focus on activities without distraction.


We are extremely lucky to have a state of the art interactive whiteboard which is essentially a large touchscreen.  The children explore this; finding out about things and learning to select and make things happen.  They also practice core skills such as counting.

Our iPads are an exciting addition.  The children can use these anywhere in the environment both inside and outside.  They are becoming experts at taking photos of their learning.

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