What is forest school?
Forest school promotes the holistic development of children.  We promote life skills such as resilience, confidence, independence and creativity.  Children learn to take supported risks that are appropriate to their age and the environment that they are in.  Some of the activities that children might be involved in include: 
· Learning how to use tools safely for example using secateurs and loppers (with assistance) to prune plants or using hammers and nails in woodwork
· understanding about conservation such as planting or observing nest boxes
· bushcraft for example building shelters, fire lighting, cooking and whittling and the safety measures needed
· crafts for example making collections of natural materials, weaving and making clay models
· team building and trust games – working with others to solve problems, learn to share, understand about others’ feelings and developing trust
· physical development such as climbing trees, balancing, moving logs or digging
· understanding the environment through identifying minibeasts, recognising wild plants and bird watching
We believe that forest school is a wonderful way for children to learn where children’s involvement levels are always high.  We have a qualified forest school leader, Mrs Oakes. Forest school leaders have to undertake training to a high standard over the course of 12 months and are accredited then at the end of the training as forest school leaders. Children in the Nursery undertake an in depth forest school course with a forest school lead and also engage in forest school activities throughout the year.  We have a wonderful environment on site and we also challenge our children further by taking them further afield to practice their skills.  For example our farm visits to Nancarrow Farm and visits to Tregye woods.   If you would like to know more please come and talk to us.